Simple Tips to Reduce Your AC Bill During Summers

Air conditioning units function round the clock to beat the sweltering heat of Dubai summers. This can easily shoot up your electricity bill. However, you have some sort of control over this scenario through careful planning and taking care of certain factors.

Energy-efficient Windows

Various current double-paned and triple paned glass window can prove to be very useful to avoid heat penetration from outside. Although changing the windows completely might cost a little, but it will surely reduce your bills in long run.

Seal the Windows

The air conditioning cooling is mainly affected by a room’s outlet parts. If your windows have some gap or doesn’t close properly then this leave increased pressure on the AC unit to cool the space as the air will constantly leak into outside space.

Use Programmable Thermostat

This equipment will help in efficiently controlling the temperatures when you are not around or asleep. It is effective in saving energy automatically.

Opt Ceiling Fans

This healthier option is a traditional method to keep the environment cool. Using a high-performing ceiling fan will effectively reduce the burden on the AC unit and lower energy consumption.

Get New HVAC Air Filters

Air filters blocked due to dust accumulation might obstruct air following through the vent. This will in turn put increased pressure on the AC unit to function more to provide adequate cooling.

Control Incoming Sunlight

The hot sunrays penetrating through the windows increase the room temperature. You can block this effect by using some dark shade curtains and blinds. For ground level houses, planting some trees for shade may also work, but be a long-term process.

Insulate Your Walls and Attics

There are certain blind spots in houses such as walls and attics that may also lead to leakage of atmospheric air. Through professional insulation of all the walls and other areas of the rooms, you can make it energy-efficient to fully hold the cold air supplied through the AC. In case of older homes, with no recent signs of maintenance works, this may a common cause of increased energy bills.

Choose Lower Floors

Hot air always tends to rise upwards from the ground level. So always opt for apartments on the lower floors of a building. This will keep your room naturally cool compared to higher floor rooms. You will be able to keep the thermostat low for longer periods and especially during nights.

Service the AC Unit

You should hire a professional AC service company to efficient service the unit and keep it functioning for longer period. The experts will clean every part such as outdoor coils, vents and complex internal areas of the unit.