Water Tank Cleaning in Dubai

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Edge DXB has been gaining practical experience since 2014 while ensuring the finest Water Tank Cleaning service in Dubai. We have a team of skilled and experienced water tank cleaners who make sure that your water tank cleaning is up to the mark.  Our cleaning specialists will strip the tanks of every harmful bacteria and germ thus making sure your water is safe and fit for drinking.

If you haven’t cleaned your water tank for the past 3 to 6 months then it's highly probable that your water tank has contaminated water present in it. The hazardous substance will in general settle at the base of the water tank and on the off chance that they are excessively solid, it may result in corrosion. Simultaneously, when a tank continues storing water and it isn’t cleaned intermittently, it might begin to radiate a foul smell inferable from the growth of mold.

We use the latest methods and water disinfection chemicals certified by the Dubai municipality. When you choose Edge Dxb, you won’t have to worry about low standards or cheap materials. We have a great record of satisfied customers.

Our Scope Of Work

 At Edge Dxb, here are the following facilities you can get in terms of water tank cleaning services

 ●  Tank Inspection

The first step of our water tank cleaning is inspection. We perform an initial diagnosis to check for faulty components and to find out if your tank needs any pre-cleaning measures. The initial inspection also allows us to find out if the water tank cleaning process will require any special tools in case of excessive dirt or fungi build-up. After the initial diagnosis, we will perform an inspection to check faulty components. After that, we will implement cleaning measures and tool organization.

 ●  Pressure Washing, Cleaning, And Disinfection

 The next step is the comprehensive removal of any dirt and debris using the latest pressure washers. The powerful tool allows us to clean the entire surface area of the tank effectively, removing any contaminants and build-ups. After that, we perform the sanitation of the surface of the water tank to remove any toxins that can compromise the health of the residents.

 ●  Refilling The Tank

 Afterward, our technicians will rinse the tank to drain any remaining dirty water and chemicals used in the cleaning process. Finally, the tank will be refilled with fresh and clean water and we will mark the tank to keep track of when it was cleaned last.

 Importance Of Clean Water Tank

 ●  Improved Skin And Hair

 Your skin and hair absorb all chemicals and minerals present in water, which reflects on their appearance. So, clean water is essential to say goodbye to dull hair and frizzy skin.

   Better Water Quality

 The most evident benefit of water tank cleaning is the improved water quality and removal of gross smell and rusty color. Regular water tank cleaning is also helpful for the joint health of you and your family members.

 ●  Improved Tank Life

 Timely and consistent maintenance of the water tank will provide a safe environment for water storage. In this way, you can guarantee the longevity of the tank instead of spending a lot of money on repeated replacements.

 ●  Less Water Tank Bills

 Setting up an entirely new water tank can be expensive. By getting regular water tank cleaning services from AC Services Dubai you can take action before any serious harm to the interior of your water tank, which can result in leakage and compromise your water quality.

 ●  Prevents Waterborne Diseases

 Uncleaned water tanks lead to waterborne diseases. According to a WHO report, 3 to 4 million people suffer from waterborne diseases every year. A clean tank can reduce the risk of illnesses and ensure an uninterrupted supply of fresh water for your home.

 ●  Reduced Plumbing Issues

 Impurities from an unclean water tank can cause plumbing issues in valves and pipes of the supply system. Proper water tank maintenance will lessen the chances of these issues.

 Book a professional service at Edge Dxb for your home or workplace repair services.

 Benefits Of Choosing Edge Dxb

 ●  Pocket-Friendly Service Rates

 At Edge Dxb, we assist our customers at affordable and reasonable rates. Along with professional and high-quality services.

 ●  Certain Results

 We guarantee our customers clean water tanks for fresh water. We add value and bring long-lasting results to the table.

 ●  Professional Team

 Our team consists of qualified and experienced technicians who know how to use the right tools for any water tank maintenance, installation, or repair service.

 ●  Holistic Services

 Edge Dxb ensures the thorough cleansing and disinfection of water tanks. With the final inspection of tasks with post-clean-up services. The team ensures that customers get clear and germ-free water. All the procedures are per Dubai Municipality guidelines.

 ●  Great Customer Service

 We put our customers first. Our team is available all the time for assistance and information.

Frequently Asked Questions - Water Tank Cleaning Services in Dubai

How much time does it take to clean a water tank?

- The cleaning of a typical 80 to 100,000 ml water tank takes around four to five hours.

How many times should we perform a house water tank cleaning

- It is recommended to do it every six months. However, a good water tank cleaning and maintenance company in Dubai can give a margin of at least one year. Hiring a professional company like Edge Dxb, you can ensure that cleaning will follow the protocols of Dubai Municipality. Along with all necessary technicalities, equipment, and cleaning agents.

Which water tank cleaning method is approved by Dubai Municipality?

- The procedure requires scrubbing and cleaning the inner surfaces of the tank using a stiff brush or high-pressure jet.

How do you know if a water tank needs maintenance?

- Suppose you observe any water discoloration, unpleasant smell, or particles in water. In that case, your tank needs professional water tank cleaning services because water is a breeding habitat for impurities and microorganisms like algae and mold. As time passes, sediments build on the bottom and sides of your water tank, which is also a clear indicator that it needs a proper cleaning from professionals such as Edge Dxb.