Grease Trap Cleaning Dubai

Grease Trap Cleaning



Often used in cooking stations at restaurants and by caterers, a grease trap is a piece of equipment used to keep excessive amounts of harmful substances to the sink such as oil, grease, and fats at bay. These substances tend to accumulate over time and therefore require a regular cleaning service conducted by specialists. At Edge DXB, we offer professional grease trap cleaning to customers across Dubai, where the entire process is safely managed and performed in an eco-friendly method. This means our highly experienced and adept team of cleaning specialists cleans the grease traps entirely and effectively, further ensuring all harmful waste has been taken out in a safe manner. Given that it's a time-consuming task, our team will work on it quickly, guaranteeing minimal disruption to your business.

Without regular cleaning or even maintenance, grease traps can be prone to potential damage. Failure to address it can further lead to complete failure of the system, as such creating the need to have the entire system replaced. To avoid such costs, it is recommended to avail of regular grease trap cleaning with us. A clean grease trap is essential to meet hygiene standards while also keeping the space odor-free. By scheduling a grease trap cleaning service with us, you benefit from clean, efficient, and reliable work at affordable prices. Get in touch with us today or fill our online inquiry form, and we'll get back with relevant details.

Why is Grease Trap Cleaning Important?

Several reasons contribute to making it a mandatory process for every commercial kitchen. It prevents not only harmful grease, fat, and oil from seeping into the drainage system but also prevents potential damage to the blockage system. Grease that has been accumulated over time often causes various other issues, making grease trap cleaning vital. Continue reading to know more.

  • It prevents the development of a foul smell.
  • It helps avoid expensive tank replacement.
  • It prevents the drainage system from blockage.
  • It helps avoid complex and stressful cleaning processes.