Five Energy Saving Tricks for Summer

When the temperature rises in the summer seasons, your electric bill also increases. Nobody likes to pay more than they have to, and seeing those high summer electric bills can be painful. Luckily there are ways you can cut down your energy usage during summer. Here are the best tips for reducing energy consumption in the summer months:

  1. Check Your Air Conditioning

Your Ac requires regular maintenance to function efficiently throughout its years of service. Ignoring necessary maintenance ensures poor performance and unnecessarily high energy use. Checking the fins, evaporative cooler, coils, and heat pump may require the services of a professional.

Luckily for you, we are here to help. One of our HVAC technicians can come to your house and check your Ac. Vacuum ac vents regularly to remove any dust buildup and ensure that furniture and other objects are not blocking the airflow through your vents. Avoid placing tv or placing lamps near your thermostat. The thermostat will sense the heat these appliances create, which can cause your AC to run longer than necessary

  1. Get a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat gives you complete control of the HVAC unit, even when you are not at home. This will help you to set up a schedule that accounts for the usage patterns to cut down on wasteful Ac use.

For Instance, if the whole family is going during working hours or school hours, bump the temperature up, and only start to decrease it when people are returning home. Not running the Ac when nobody is at home to enjoy it, saves a large amount of electricity. Your programmable thermostat makes sure your home is just as it would be normally by the time you walk back in the door!

3. Replace Your Air Filters

Changing your Air filters is one of the easiest and most effective things you can do to make sure that your AC runs smoothly and efficiently. Dirty filters block the normal airflow and reduce your airconditioner's ability to absorb heat. Replacing a dirty and clogged filter with a clean one can lower your AC's energy usage by up to 20%

Clean or replace your Ac system's filter every month or two. Filters need more frequent attention if your ac is in constant use, is subjected to excessive dust, or if you have fur-shedding pets.

4. Find the Right Temperature SetPoint

The smaller the difference between the outdoor and indoor temperatures, the lower the heating and cooling costs will be. Find out the best temperature for comfort and energy savings. While you're at home set the thermostat to 25 C, the recommended set point for the summer months, and adjust the setpoint by one or two degrees at a time. Find out the high of a temperature in the summer, or as low of a temperature in the winter, as comfortably as possible while managing the humidity level.

5. Insulate Your Home

Insulation plays an important role in lowering your utility bills by retaining heat during the winter and keeping heat out of your home during the summer. The level of insulation you should install should depend on the area of your house. Your walls, floors, basement, crawlspace are the four main areas where you should consider adding insulation.

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