A Simple Guide to Paint Every Room in the House Perfectly

Best Paint Colors to Use in Every Room

Have you ever been bothered about which shade will be the best for your bedroom or kitchen? Does your home interior spaces have diverse lighting during the day and night time? Picking the right paint color for every specific area in your home is essential to enhance its aesthetics.

Research has found that apart from avoiding specific colors, the selection of paint colors also has to do a lot with their intensity. For instance, although blue is considered a calm and soothing shade, a darker and bright blue shade can be overwhelming. An intense red palette can also prove to be the right choice if you use the subtle burgundy shade. Here is a detailed guide to choose the perfect paint for every room.


The walls of the kitchen should be in terms of appetite and delicious food connotations. This makes warm orange and red shades perfect for enhancing the feeling that something delicious is being prepared. To have some basic or simpler shade, you may pick lighter cream, gentle blue, or white colors that would add a subtle look to the overall space. Although you might urge to use darker shades to hide stain marks, you should always avoid dark paints such as blue and black. However, you can choose earthy brown colors to have a darker shade but a brighter look.


The space's coziness and limited area of the bathroom make it essential to have relaxing soft colors. The wall paints should complement the lighting inside and glow up your skin tone. However, do not choose colors like ivory or gentle rose. Simpler shades like pale yellow and raw pink support brightness inside the bathroom and create a natural lighting effect. The neutral peach color would also give a subtle beauty to the bathroom. Painting the bathroom with lemon or white colors will make it look spacious.


The paints on bedroom walls should be soothing and calming to allow you to have a deep sleep. Blue is a popularly chosen color for developing a relaxing environment. Lighter shades of blue will make the best choice to enhance your bedroom aesthetics and gain some health benefits as it's proven to reduce blood pressure. If you need some unique colors, you can also pick some gray-green shades. Giving a subtle sparkling look, you can also paint the walls using silver and caramel shades. You should strictly avoid darker colors like brown as they provide a stressed look to space.


Although avoided in most spaces, red can be the right choice for the living room to create a stimulating and energetic impact. Using a perfect amalgamation of red and subtler yellow and green shades will set-up an ideal location to click some pictures. However, classic grey and white shades will also go well if you are not fond of dark shades.