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Blog Post Title - Rotobrush Machine

How Duct Cleaning is Performed – Everything you need to know

In your HVAC systems, fine particles collect inside your AC Ducts and on the coil. These particles are dust that is stirred up and deposited on the HVAC surfaces. Eventually, these particles gather into mat-like dust, which eventually forms a dense mat-like condition where bacteria, mold and dust mites can thrive.

All these pollutants can cause a number of health issues including allergies, asthma and respiratory problems. Even a slight change in air quality can make you feel uncomfortable and even ill. AC duct cleaning in Dubai is necessary to prevent such health issues from occurring. And this is one of the best possible solutions to improve the quality of the air.

Why and How to Hire a Professional Company for AC Duct Cleaning in Dubai

In the past, duct cleaning required an industrial vacuum cleaner that uses suction pressure to suck out the dirt from your air ducts. These vacuum cleaners can be quite expensive, does not completely scrub the dirt and can take a lot of time in cleaning. You need a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to protect the lungs from dust particles that may contain toxic gases or allergens.

That is why hiring a professional HVAC contractor to do your duct cleaning can be a great option since they know what they are doing and they have the appropriate tools. Hiring a contractor to do the cleaning for you can also help you save more money because it is a complex task.

If you hire a company that does commercial air duct cleaning, the contractor should already have experience in doing this. The company will be able to pick up the different areas of the HVAC systems where there is the most buildup of dirt, dust and allergens. and get the air ducts cleaned right. A professional HVAC company will use special equipment and chemicals that remove the contaminants from the air without damaging the ducts. The most effective duct cleaning is performed via RotoBrush machine.

There are many companies that offer good commercial air duct cleaning services, but they are not very cheap so it’s best to compare prices before hiring one.

Before hiring a contractor, you have to find out how long they have been in the business and what their credentials are because it is not always the same company that does commercial duct cleaning. You also have to know about their background and the types of products they use to clean the air ducts because different air ducts cleaners will do different things.

Professional air cleaners also have the training to do their job. They will use vacuum cleaners that have HEPA filters to trap the dust and the allergens. Most of them also use special equipment and products for comprehensive sanitization.

Remember that the guys you hire to cover any furniture within the areas to be cleaned so nothing accumulates dust especially the furniture which can cost additional since might than need carpet and or sofa cleaning.

The Process

Here is the process of the AC duct cleaning:

Step 1: Inspection

A straightforward, visual examination of the ducts is significant for two reasons. To begin with, it’s a stage that you can take yourself get to survey the degree of problem with your AC Ducts and affirm the distinction after they’ve been cleaned. The Company you hired will probably have cameras that can go significantly farther into the ducts and show the full degree of the development before cleaning.

Second, an expert gets to explain to you the scope of work, the time it will take, and certain gains from the job.

Step 2: Preparation

Duct cleaning companies usually use RotoBrush machine which is great both in terms of scrubbing the dirt, debris, and mold inside the ducts while vacuuming it off simultaneously.

In any case, before turning on the machine and cleaning the air ducts, the professionals must play out a couple of prior steps.

First of all, an appropriate opening in the duct is found. Then the hose is prepared. The expert technician identifies the brush size and type according to the duct nature, size, and shape. There are both soft and stiff bristle brushes, soft brushes are used for all types of ductwork including flex duct board and sheet metal ducts.

The stiff bristle brushes are only to be used on sheet metal ductwork because they are too aggressive for flex duct or fiberboard ducts. Majority of the expert technicians will use the 8-inch brush to clean the majority of smaller supply air ducts; whereas for larger ductwork they use a brush 2 to 4 inches larger than the height of the duct.

When cleaning rectangular ducts, they will use a brush 4 inches larger than the height of the duct for example in a 10-inch high rectangular duct they will use a 14-inch brush. For more info, you can always ask for the manual which provides additional tips on brush sizes and cleaning techniques.

Lastly, in the preparation process, the surfaces in the proximity of the cleaning are covered with plastic especially the furniture.

Step 3: Cleaning of Ducts

Now the hose is inserted inside the duct while simultaneously turning on the rotation and vacuum. This cleaning is performed for almost 30 to 45 min for a single unit.

Step 4: Sanitization of Ducts

Now the EnviroCon sanitization liquid is loaded up into the foger via lubricant gasket. Then the ducts are sanitized by spraying the mist of sanitizer into the ducts to prevent the growth of bacteria and make the air a lot cleaner.

Step 3: Clean-up

Now everything is put back together as it was previously, as well as, everything is cleaned and left a lot cleaner than before.


AC duct cleaning is very important part of the whole HVAC maintenance not only due the performance and/or energy consumption factor but also in terms of quality air. That is why knowing the whole process better equips you against any fraudulent service provider while also ensure healthy environment and better performance of the HVAC.

By: Ahsan
In: AC services

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