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Types of HVAC Ducts

Sheet metal air duct is usually made from galvanized steel or aluminium. They are the best type of air ventilation and the most durable one as well.

Irrespective of anything it’s an undeniable fact that air ducts are the single most important aspect of an HVAC system. Air ducts are the channels answerable for conveying cooled or warmed air all through the structure, and without them, the remainder of the HVAC framework would be pointless.

Their smooth non-porous surface means that they are less likely to develop any hazardous biological growth or mold. The smooth surface also makes it easy to install. However, you must take extra precaution in installing them because some types are easily scratched or dented. It is important to keep them away from any sharp objects like nails and screws. If they do get damaged, it is possible that they can leak and can cause serious health hazards.

Types of sheet metal duct are designed in different ways. There are many types of air ventilation available on the market. There are those that are used as permanent fixtures, which are fixed into the wall, and there are those that can be detached and moved around your house. They come in different shapes and sizes. You can select the one that perfectly fits your needs, budget and your home decor.

You must be careful when choosing your duct for your HVAC system. It is necessary to choose the one that suits the size of your system and the space you have available for it. If you want a flexible duct that can be easily moved around your home, then choose an insulated duct.

There are different types of duct available in the market. You can opt for a single-ended duct, double-ended duct, or multi-ended duct. In single-ended duct, the air is drawn out from one outlet and drawn into another. In double-ended duct, two outlets are connected together to create one outlet, while in the multi-ended duct, the duct is connected to two outlets so that air can be drawn from both outlets at the same time.

These days, the insulated duct is preferred by many. The insulation will prevent dust and mildew from accumulating on the inner sides of the duct, which can cause allergy symptoms in people who suffer from allergies. Also, if you are allergic to pollen and dust mites, this is a good option for you.

There are a couple of various sorts of air ducts that can be utilized in a home or business building, and they each have their own pros and cons. The sort of ventilation work you should utilize relies upon your HVAC needs.

Types of HAVC ducts

Following are the two major types of ac ducts.

Flexible Ductwork

The flexible ductwork is ordinarily round cylinders comprised of steel wire helixes canvassed in adaptable however strong plastic. This type of ductwork is likewise surrounded by protection to keep the air at the temperature it ought to be.

This sort of ac duct is the most straightforward to introduce, and it is the second most affordable. Adaptable ventilation work is the best kind of ventilation work to use in close or abnormal spaces where unbending ventilation work would be too hard to even consider installing. Since these air ac ducts are adaptable, they can twist around fixed structures to work in practically any space.

Another bit of leeway of this type of ductwork is it’s incredible for air quality. Since the ducts are made of plastic rather than the fiberglass that makes up some inflexible channels, no harmful particles of dust or debris are delivered into the air, which means less air pollution in indoors and greater indoor air quality. This plastic is additionally impervious to form and rust, which means air quality remains clean for longer period of times. Flexible ductwork has less potential for spilling air from your HVAC framework than rigid ventilation work, despite the fact that it is more helpless to being penetrated.

Apart from its pros it does has its drawback, this ductwork is defenceless to wrinkles and curves that can confine wind current and reduce the proficiency of the HVAC framework. Wind current can likewise be fairly decreased by the edges within the channels.

Rigid Ductwork

The second type of ductwork is a rigid one. This type of ductwork can be various sizes and produced using various materials, and they can be either rectangular or tube-shaped. Since this type of the air duct is unbendable, they don’t have the danger of wrinkles or curves limiting wind stream and, in contrast to the flexible ductwork, they can’t be torn or penetrated.

Nonetheless, rigid ductwork has its limitation in terms of risky spaces, however, there is a way that this type of framework tackles that.

Following are the three fundamental sorts of rigid or simply put inflexible ductwork:

Fiberglass Lined Ducts

Fiberglass Lined Ducts are fundamentally metal sheet ducts that are lined with fiberglass on either within or outside of the duct. This coating gives protection to keep the air at the right temperature, to forestall the development of buildup, and to stifle the sound of the HVAC framework.

The capacity to mute sound settles on fiberglass lined conduits a mainstream decision in office and business structures.

The fundamental hindrance of this sort of air channel is that the fiberglass can disintegrate over the long run and may shred fiberglass strands into the air, and breathing fiberglass particles can cause medical problems after the delayed presentation.

Fiberglass lined pipes are harder to keep clean since cleaning them can harm the covering and delivery more fiberglass particles into the air. This kind of ventilation work is additionally more inclined to shape, buildup, and microbes than adaptable pipes or sheet metal conduits due to its permeable surface. That is why ac duct cleaning in Dubai can only be performed by a skilled technician and reputable company who knows what they are doing.

Fiberglass lined conduits ought to be cleaned by HVAC experts to forestall the development of contaminants and stay away from the arrival of fiberglass particles.

Sheet Metal Ducts

Sheet metal ductwork is generally made of either stirred steel or aluminium. Aluminium pipes are lightweight and simple to introduce.

Like adaptable ventilation work, sheet metal channels are shape safe in light of their nonporous material, which considers better air quality for a more drawn out time.

This kind of ventilation work is the toughest since it holds its shape and can’t be effortlessly squashed. Notwithstanding, sheet metal pipes are prone to encounter spills where two areas are joined.

Fiberboard Ducts

Fiberboard is comprised of compacted fiberglass strands that have been fixed to keep particles from deteriorating into the air.

The outside of these sheets is ensured by a foil covering that goes about as an air and dampness prevention measure.

This type of ductwork is likewise the most affordable sort of duct. In any case, similar to fiberglass lined conduits, fiberboard ducts are inclined to developing mold and buildup.

Additionally, the interior of the fiberboard ductwork is interior which makes it liable increased wind friction thus diminishing the effectiveness of your HVAC framework.


Before installing the HVAC system alongside the ductwork, you should measure the amount of space available for the ducts. and the HVAC unit.

You also need to decide on the best installation technique, which will suit your house and will help you achieve optimum efficiency.

If the duct is not installed by a professional, it will definitely have health as well as performance effects and can lead to further problems. It is best to hire a professional installer to install the system. If you install the system yourself, the installation will be much more complex.

You should be very careful while choosing the system. Do not choose the wrong system, if you want it installed by a professional. There are systems that are designed for specific purposes, such as for ventilation of a particular room and/or dynamic space.

It is not advisable to use the same duct for different purposes. When you buy a system, make sure that you get the right size and design for your system.

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