Some Cool Air Conditioning Facts

ACs are an integral part of our daily life.  But how much do you REALLY understand about the mechanism that keeps you cool all summer? Believe it or not, your air conditioner may be more intriguing than you think. There are some fun facts you might not have heard about Acs.  Take a look at some of these cool facts below!!

  1. Willis Carrier designed the first air conditioner in 1902, just to protect paper and ink in a publishing firm. And it wasn't until 1906 that textile mill engineer Stuart Cramer invented the phrase "air conditioning."

  2. In 1914, the first residential air cooling system was built. It stood 7 feet tall, 6 feet broad, and 20 feet long.

  3. When AC systems were initially introduced, output settings were measured in "Ice Power," or how many blocks of ice were required to deliver the equivalent amount of cooling power. We now refer to them as Air Conditioning Units.

  4. Electric fans were the initial air conditioners. But, Fans don't truly cool the air; instead, they create a "wind chill effect" by draining sweat and reducing your body temperature.

  5. At one-time Movie theaters used to be the coolest place on the planet—literally. When air conditioning became more extensively available in the early 1900s, movie theater owners invested in air conditioning equipment to keep seats filled on the warmest days of the year. It succeeded because most people didn't have air conditioning at home, so going to the movies was their perfect escape.

  6. Air conditioners do a lot more than just keep the air cool. They also remove moisture from the air, making it more pleasant. Set your thermostat fan to "off" rather than "on" all day. You can also select the "auto" setting, which will only blast air while the cooling system is working. Moisture will be thrown back into the house and impact your humidity levels if you leave the fan on all the time.

  7. The first Air Conditioner unit was not made with comfort in mind. Willis Carrier, a publishing company employee, decided enough was enough with his paper stretching and ink flowing during the summer of 1902. He was the one who came up with the concept for the first production line cooler!

  8. The first air conditioner was ICE. People used to keep cool using large blocks of ice before air conditioners were invented to keep things pleasant and cold. In fact, the output ratings of early air conditioners were based on how much ice would have been needed to provide the same cooling power!

  9. Warmer places would be deserted if they didn't have air conditioning. Can you imagine leaving in Dubai without having an air conditioner? You're not alone: as residential air conditioning became more popular, the population in hotter places grew significantly.

  10. Herbert Hoover is the first president to enjoy the air conditioning. Can you picture being in charge of a country in the middle of a scorching summer in Washington, D.C.? Hoover couldn't have done it! In fact, not long after the 1929 stock market crash, he spent $30,000 on the system.

  11. The air conditioner is crucial for modern medicine. Did you know that many of the medicines we use today were created in laboratories using temperature-sensitive equipment and tools? In other words, if it weren't for our cooling systems, we wouldn't have medicines to cure everything from the common cold to treating cancer. That's a terrifying concept!

  12. Because of the heat, school is out for the summer. It was just too hot to learn during the summer months before air conditioning, that's how the summer vacation concept was born. Fortunately, the concept caught on, and today's children can enjoy the summer with the help of a cooling system.

  13. Ivy League designation was given to the first ventilation system. In 1899, Cornell University developed a ventilation system in the dissecting room so that students could dissect cadavers without being bothered by the scent.

  14. Air conditioners and allergies go together. Air conditioners have been shown to help patients with asthma breathe easier. Why? Air conditioners may eliminate allergens and other tiny particles from indoor air, resulting in reduced sneezing and providing a more soothing environment.

  15. Air conditioners are so popular in the United States that Americans use more energy to operate their air conditioners each year than the whole continent of Africa? That's a commitment to keeping things cool.

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