What lives in your Duct?

What lives in your AC ducts is the dust that is carried throughout the home. The air that you breathe in is not healthy. This is because the air contains many contaminants such as mold spores, dust mites, and more. These microorganisms cause health problems and illness.

Dust mites are also known as "the invisible bug". They cause a lot of allergic reactions including itching and rashes. This is where they make their unwelcome presence known. The problem is that these critters can live for several years without being seen by humans. They have to move with the changes in temperature, which is why they are most often found in the basement. They live in the dust and eat organic debris. As a result, you cannot see them. However, they can be seen when a professional has a dust mite inspection performed on your home.

Professional dust mite inspections will include testing the air quality in your home. This testing will determine how much organic debris the ducts contain. This information will tell the professional what kind of cleaning is needed to remove this organic debris so that you breathe cleaner air.

At EDGE DXB, we provide two types of services available to homeowners that help you clean these dirty ducts. One service is for the entire house In this case, we use special vacuums and filters to clear the dust from the entire house. We then dehumidify the air in your home. This lowers the humidity in your home, which keeps dust mites from thriving. The other type of service available to you is for your particular bedroom. In this type, a special vacuum is used to clean individual areas of the bedroom. For example, if you have trouble with bad breath, you might want to have the cleaning done before you have a long rest.

Our professional technicians know exactly what lives in your ac ducts. If you want to breathe easier, you need to remove these critters from your home. Homes that are friendly to these pests cause many people to suffer from respiratory illness. You can avoid this by cleaning your ac systems regularly. Also, your family can breathe easier when you know that your home is healthy. Duct cleaning is not a new idea. However, new technology has made it possible for homeowners to safely remove all the dust from their air conditioning vents. The duct cleaning process starts by removing all the furniture and other items that could hold dust. The debris is then loaded into giant vacuum units. The workers will then sanitize the entire duct unit. 

After the duct is cleaned, homeowners will notice a huge difference in the air they breathe. There will be no more thick, smelly air. The moisture in the air will be replaced by fresh, cool air. This air is much better for your lungs and your skin. If you think there is nothing you can do about the dust in your air conditioning vents, think again. We have several options for getting rid of dust mites. They include foggers, air filtration, and vacuums. Each of these options is designed to make your home healthier and more comfortable. Take action now and find out what lives in your air conditioning vents.

Are you looking for Ac Duct cleaning services in Dubai?  Contact us, our representative will explain everything to you and give you a price quote. Our technicians will then show you how to clean the areas with dust mites.