Your AC is not Cooling, Again?

Ac is a complex appliance that needs care for effective working. Less use of Ac in winters can lead to faults in it, which can cause hindrances in its functioning. People often get confused and panic when their AC is not working without knowing why. There are several ways to identify where the fault is, and then people can look for repairing their AC accordingly. AC is a combination of several units that need to be checked when looking for the defect. All the parts in combination work as an AC, and fault in any one of the parts can cause AC to stop cooling.

Followings are ways to check why your AC is not cooling:

1. Look whether coils are clean or not: dirty coils can reduce the cooling capability of an AC. That’s why you need to check all the coils of your AC to satisfy that issue is not of coils. Because coils are necessary, taking out all the heat and allowing it to cool the room. If they are ready, they don’t let AC work effectively. The coil is an integral part of AC because it converts heat into cool air, and if they are not adequately cleaned, it will disturb its functioning. You can clean it yourself or contact AC repair services to solve the problem instantly.

2. Issues in compressor: The compressor is the essential part of the Air conditioner, which helps An AC work properly. The movement of refrigerant and conversion of gas and liquid is because of the compressor, which allows it to produce cool air. When there is a fault in the compressor of the AC, it stops working. So, it is necessary to look at whether the defect is in the compressor or not when AC is not cooling correctly.

3. Size of an Air conditioner: People often buy small ACs and place them in a vast room, reducing their cooling. People tend to focus on their budgets only and don’t consider other aspects. The size of the room and the size of the AC must be the same so that it can cool the room.

4. Leakage in refrigerant: When the coils circulating refrigerant are damaged or broken, it starts to leak. The problem leads to reduced cooling power. The broken coils produce some sound indicating the fault you need to focus on to find a solution. If Ac is not cooling, look for the refrigerant leakage and solve the problem.

5. Uncleaned Air filter: You need to check your air filters for dirt to reduce their efficiency. Keeping an eye on it will save you from the further expense of repairing it. Uncleaned Air filters are why AC gets damaged and does not work correctly. The dirty air filter can even throwback warm air in the room. It will reduce the airflow in the AC and will not perform as it should.

6. Fault in Ac thermostat: Thermostat is used to control the temperatures. It helps the compressor to maintain the temperature as per need. When there is any fault in it, it tends to reduce the cooling power of an AC. It will lessen an AC’s efficiency and require an instant solution to make it work.

When to call an AC repair service?

When people spot a few initial symptoms, they worry about the best time to call a service that can help out. The answer is simple; you must call a service immediately after things seem out of control. Since AC is a delicate appliance, it is better to focus on solutions as soon as possible.

Whenever your AC is not working effectively, you should look for the mentioned problems. Many things can cause damage to the AC and reduce the cooling, but there are different ways to enhance its efficiency. Some of them could be:

1. You need to keep the coils and Air filter clean to avoid any cooling problems.

2. Buying an AC suitable for your room is essential to cool the space as per your need.

3. Always pay attention to any leakage to assure that there is no problem with refrigerant.

4. Call an AC repair service if there is any severe issue with it.

5. Check whether the thermostat is working effectively or not and if the temperature set is accurate.

6. Make sure all the switches are working correctly.

7. Check all the circuits and wires within the AC to avoid any damage.

AC needs a lot of care and attention because it has all the delicate parts essential in working. It is vital to check on them to ensure their effective performance. If it’s not cooling, we must look for all functionality of all its parts to find the cause of the problem. And it is even said that precaution is better than cure so keep all the mentioned measures in your mind to avoid any problem in future. In conclusion, it is also essential that you keep yourself during all the process and contact AC repair services if you are still unclear about any problem. Get your Ac fixed, and relax in winters!